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What is Sight & Sound keyboard Training System?

Sight & Sound keyboard Training System is a unique interactive technique that teaches touch typing skills using Multimedia Typing Tutors.

Originally, Sight & Sound Typing System was invented in U.K. in 1964 by William Parkes (an electrical engineer who happened to be a pianist). In his invention, he utilized Videomatic and Audiomatic Tutors to dictate letters to the trainees in a unique interactive technique. It depends on musical rhythm and on what is called by psychologists as “Kinesthesia”/ which means knowing where something is without looking at it.

The constant repetition of the appropriate finger movements conditions the student’s reflexes so that the correct key is hit without any conscious thought or mental strain!

They do learn how to touch type accurately and without looking at the keyboard, and in a very short time (25 actual hours for each language).

In late seventies, this unique system was used in over 40 countries in various languages, and proved to be way in advance of anything comparable on the market.

Sight & Sound / Jordan

In 1984, Sight & Sound Educational Center was established in Amman in cooperation with Sight and Sound Center in U.K., and was a pioneer in introducing this unbeatable technique. Since then, more than 10 thousands persons have learnt how to type using our method and have impressed all those around them at work place.

In 2005, Sight & Sound Jordan computerized this system, and developed a complete solution for implementing it outside the center, making it possible for companies and schools to utilize the system at their premises.

At present, the computerized updated keyboarding system is being implemented at the center as well as the Amman Academy School. Results are impressively outstanding.

Why is Sight & Sound System better than other methods?

Many “self-teaching” typing computer programs are available on the market and at very low prices. All have proven to be less effective due to the facts that:-

 They are all designed for individuals on the assumption that the trainees will have the self-control and commitment to practice and follow the instructions!!!! This rarely is the case even for mature adults, how about when you are training school-aged students!!

  • They do not offer any control over the trainees’ compliance with their tutorial instructions.

  • After few lessons, trainees lose interest and “unconsciously” keep postponing their training which scatters their efforts and weakens their skill. 

  • Trainees’ progress is not well-assessed at group level.

  • Students can correct their mistakes during the lesson and can get easily distracted by the unnecessary features the software has.

  • Trainees tend to look frequently at their fingers whilst typing.

Only the Sight & Sound System has the following advantages


  • The most effective system for Group Training.

  • The best Arabic Keyboarding system.

  • Offers full control over trainees’ performance and progress.

  • The training plan is restricted by a previously set time frame and scheduled lessons; within a month trainees do acquire the “proper” typing skill.

  • Keyboard’s (alphabets) keys are totally covered so that trainees type properly without looking at their fingers. Other keyboard’s keys are deliberately disabled to insure no distraction for the students during the lessons. 

  • Fast results/ in a fraction of time compared to other methods. 

  • Trainees never forget the letters’ positions even if they are out of practice.

  • Typing speed is easily regained after few training hours.

  • Students take it once throughout their scholastic years/ which means minimum scheduling difficulties and justifies the additional tuition fees.


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